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Fighting with Fire: A Recruits’ Story

Day 2 of 3 Performance Objectives

Today was day 2 of 3 in our Performance Objectives.
Day 1 was not that bad. I failed 2 of my knots that I knew how to do. Today I failed 2 of my Tying of the Tools. The one that gave me the hardest time during practice I smoked by until I was asked to hold up the uncharged hoseline, and my knot slipped. FAILED. The other one was a stupid mistake at the beginning and it came back and got me in the end, FAILED.
The positive was that we had a practice session after everything and I managed to make them correct and under time. That was a bonus. A way to leave the Academy for a few days on a positive experience.
Until tomorrow when I start chasing Ice and her daughters around the house tin them up!.. heheheh, Im sure they wont mind….

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