After Hours Production
Fighting with Fire: A Recruits’ Story

Week 1 of Hoses & Ladders

We completed week 1 of the grueling 2.5 weeks of Hoses & Ladders today. Many of us feel like fire fighters, and we havent even attacked the fire yet!
We divided into 2 teams Ladders Team 1 (Squads 1-3) and Hoses Team 2 (squads 4-6). Cant tell you much of whats going on with the Ladder Team but as far as the Hose team, were having a blasted.
Very few of us have had our mistakes and if we take our time and think of what we need to do then we will be alright. I’ve started taking notes almost a step by step of what we need to know about the Hose part of the training. Im hoping that it will not only help me and Ice out, it will help future recruits as well.

In case you havent heard Gangway Vol 3 is out, get it while it lasts

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