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Photo: Tokina 12-24mm F4 II

I received the newer Canon version of this lens. I read a lot of the reviews and not once did I read errors occur with this lens. As soon as I mounted it on a Canon 20D and took my first shot, there was a problem. Half the view finder screen is out of focus. I emailed Tokina today but did not get a reply. Maybe tomorrow they will answer.
Tokina reviews were all positive. Build quality is excellent. Ultra wide angle on a crop body. Metal mount. 77mm filter thread. Lens ships with a petal shaped hood. That is all I can comment on until a get a excellent copy. Does it focus fast? I dont know because it focuses wrong or its misaligned. Lens flare and CA can not be judged because thisbis a bad copy.


Tokina 12-24mm F4 Pro II

Hopefully Tokina, located in California, will replace this with a great, working lens.

Update June 2012
I returned the lens back to seller. Tokina never replied to emails. This is the current setup


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