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Summers over… Whats next, Keep Shooting

I started the summer with the idea of shooting Medium Format. I researched about different MF cameras out there and and when I found a forum post on FM that showed images shot on MF, I new I was going to get one. The image I saw was shot in BW. It has great tonality and amazing detail. I was in luck. My local CL Ad had someone in Miami with an old Medium Format camera that was all manual. For $300 it was cheap enough to test and if I wasn’t satisfied with the quality I wasn’t losing much.
The Mamiya 645AFD with AF80mm F2.8 along with a AF150mm F3.5



Its a hybrid, it can shoot 120Film and went you attach a Digital Back like a Leaf Credo or earlier P series, you can enjoy 30-60MP of awesomeness. Since acquiring this Beast, I haven’t shot with  my 5D.



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