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Fighting with Fire: A Recruits’ Story

Believing in yourself is the difference maker.

Last year over the Summer my Firefighter certification expired due to not getting hired. I was unable to challenge the State Test and lost out on a few job offers. Graduating back in 2007 from the Fire Academy and being a Paramedic since 2009 I struggled to find employment and lost my confidence. Working out at Predators I couldn’t finish any of the WOD’s, i was discouraged. Yet something in the back of my head was telling me that I just wasn’t ready that If I stick to it, it will happen. 2013 came and went.
Started off 2014 with a renewed passion. Made some life changes and then I noticed doors started to open. I chose to create a new path for myself and found the struggles and fears I once had where no longer there. I signed up for the CrossFit Games Open and did better than I thought. Over the summer I asked Coach if he thought I was ready to compete and I think he was shocked that I would attempt to compete. Not because he didn’t think I can do it, but more that I started to believe and pushed myself to be better.

Joining a competition is a way to measure the hard work and the effort that you, your family, and Coaching staff put in. It’s the reward. It’s a tool that is used to help in your training.
So now that I completed not 1 not 2 but 3 competition in 8 months. Ive challenged the State of Florida Firefighter Exam both written and Physical Ability.



I’m preparing for my 2nd USAW MEET (competition #4 for the year) in 6 weeks.
I can attribute this renewed hope and success to CrossFit and my Coach at Crossfit Predators Gary Roberts.

CrossFit has helped me . I found something in it that I have enjoyed. It’s Physically demanding . It’s mentally tasking. I was taught how to push myself harder than ever. If you stick to the plan and you execute that plan and it works then why change. There is no substitutions for great coaching. I stick to CrossFit because it works for me.
I started off 15 months ago with just wanting to get in shape to pass a Physical agility test. I was able to Walk up to Ocala’s Test, have a 5min walk through on what I needed to do and went out there and did it. First try. No granted that first try was day 1 of a Refresher Course that was being offered by CTAE in Ocala, but the point is, I knew I could do it. I believed in me.
Now the funny part is during the actual State Test there was a brief moment that I could have sworn I heard Coach Gary Roberts yelling at me to breathe!!! 
Thank you all.
Image was taken after completing my Test. No results were given until 2days later yet I had the biggest smile because I never thought for 1sec the what if. We were shown a plan, do this, and this and this, and so I did it.




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