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Fighting with Fire: A Recruits’ Story

One step closer.

It’s been 7yrs since I left the Fire Academy. Today I took a Physical Ability Test. Same test as usual. Start off with a weighted vest that is worn the length of your exam. You through hose pack on your shoulders, climb up the stairs to the 5th Floor. Drop your hose off and step over to the landing where there is a rope attached to a length of hose. Pull it up and then over the railing.  Return back downstairs with your hose. When you get to the bottom drop the hose and go over to the weighted sled. Pick up the 10lbs dead-blow hammer and drive the sled backwards 5FT.
When your done proceed over to a charged 1.75inch hose line and pull it forward 75 Ft.

I’ve always been average. I’ve never really won anything. Today although I was last. I was ended up being #1 by 20-25 seconds.
I had a belief long time ago when I chose CrossFit as my training regimen for today’s test, I believed that I could get in great shape for this particular test. What I have grown to see is the many benefits that type of training has done for me. I’ve gained confidence in myself. I’ve gained a belief in myself that I have lost. I’ve gained raw strength, speed, and endurance that I put to the test today. I will obtain my goals and I will be hired before I know it.
Here it is Black and White



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